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lentradirect is pleased to offer an extensive range of rings and other identification to suit the smallest of FINCHES to the largest PARROTS ,or Turkey Stags.Please take the time to peruse our selection.


Please note that all our suggestions re: sizing and usage have been researched over many years, and are supplied in good faith .The recommended sizes have been used on a substantial number of birds within each species.Birds do vary in size within a species.Nutrition and genetics(mutations) are major factors in  the adult size of birds therefore we will offer "the most often used " size when supplying bands.  
Others may have varying opinion, our best intention is assured at all times.

We have listed on this page a few very special offers for online customers.

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Lentradirect will not be held responsible for any damage resulting from any rings supplied that are fitted to any bird.


Large Budgie Rings Delicate Neophema X 100

  • 4.5mm internal
  • Closed or Split
  • Orange in colour
  • Coded 6M numbers are consecutive eg 701 to 800 , 1201 to 1300 etc etc

Closed $50 for 100

Split $55.00  for  100


Only Large Budgie at this price


cl 2017

2017 BLUE closed RINGS

INCLUSIVE of postage

for Birds 5 to 14 days old..... depending on species.

Pricing includes post

  • 10   for $12
  • 30   for $26
  • 50   for $35
  • 100 for $60

All prices include post.... if you go through checkout enter postcode etc .... no postage will be added or simply send us an email  info@aus1birdcare.com.au  OR Phone 02 6672 6420


Random sp30


Pack of 30

Split Only .... we will send a random colour, consecutively numbered

Please nominate size
Random SP 10


Pack of 10

We will send a random colour...

Please nominate size