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We have a great range of rings for small birds both in plastic and aluminium.

Whether you choose plastics or aluminium we can supply the right ring for your birds.


Price per 100 un-numbered.... Choice of colours will be supplied PRICE INCLUDES FREIGHT

These rings are on special at the moment in plain.

  • ALSO available in numbered  $8/ 10 or $60/100  + P & H Limited stock Please contact us for availability
  • 20  for $12.95...... = 2 rods of 10 ( or 2 of each of 10 colours )

       Very useful for identifying age, family, culls etc.

10 al cl


This $15.00 price applies to size A-S only  per 10 per size

Price for larger size rings

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These rings  are permanent identification for your birds.

Eight colours.

Year ring colours available.

**If you intend to show your birds check with your local association as to the requirements.


Please note: the only guide you have when buying birds is visual.

Make sure your own birds are close rung and that you have good breeding records.


Aluminium Clip Rings 2.5 mm Finch 100 pack

  • Price is for 100 - random colours
  • Each lot is numbered 1 - 20 in 5 colours 


Suitable for most finch Australian finches as used world wide, for nest or pair identification, single use ring an alternative to plastic split rings. 

We do not recommend these rings for small foreigns ie orange breasts etc


Aluminium Clip Rings 4.0mm - Budgie 100 pack

  • 100 rings - random colours 
  • Numbered 1 - 20 The numbering is light and has no infill. It may be difficult to read.
  • 8 colours
  • Split
  • 20 pack also available

Suitable for budgie, diamond dove, pair or family identification, single use, great colours, an alternative to split plastic rings

Please note : we continually have customers buying these rings and then not being able to see the numbers clearly. You have one of two options in this case:

  • Run over the numbers with liquid paper or the like and the numbers will become clearer.



Clip 6mm

Aluminium Clip Rings 6.0mm - Cockatiels 10 pack

  • Split
  • Numbered 1 - 10
  • 5 colours  
  • random colour will be supplied
  • 50 for $25.00 mixed colours
Suitable for cockatiel  and Princess parrots and similar size birds, single use only, pair or family identification, an alternative to flat coiled plastic rings. Not suitable for conures as they will simply chew them off.