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Aren't they cute


Contact us for more information for rings to suit and wing tags

New Elastic Rings for Chicks starter pack

3 sizes  this pack is ring and Gun to apply

4.5mm Quail, very small chicks. starter pack

6 mm medium breed chicks starter pack

7mm large heavy breed chicks starter pack

Elastic rings Reload kit

50 rings in your choice of size and colour

You can also use these with a pair of reverse pliers ( circlip ) for opening to fit.

Small Holder Pack: Chickens

  • Small Holder Pack ... multi colours,
  • Use to identify "your girls "
  • Price is per 10 mixed colours in 16mm - standard layer size , 18mm Lge Layer and 20mm X Lge Layer
  • Flat Coiled Rings
  • Available Plain (good variety of colours) 
  • Can be personalised eg. Initials - up to 6 letters and consecutive numbers( extra charge applies)
  • Available from Day old chick size to Heavy Breed Chickens and Geese
  • You can personalise these rings yourself eg) Name of hen etc.we will supply a good quality permanent marker for this purpose.
  • contact us for quote on personalized( Stamped ) 
  • click here for more information and sizing on our stock lines

Flat Coil #1 ( 5.5 mm)

FC1 5.5mm

per 10 pack

FC2 ( 6.4 mm )

per 10 pack

FC3 ( 8 mm)

per 10 pack

FC4 ( 9.5mm)

per 10 pack

FC5 ( 11.0mm )

per 10 pack

FC 6 ( 12.7mm )

Flat Coil

per 10 pack

FC7 (14mm )

per 10 pack

FC8 (16mm )

per 10 pack

FC9 ( 18mm )

per 10 pack

FC10 20.7mm

These rings ideally suit extra heavy breed hens roosters

per 10 pack


  • Price is per 10 QTY
  • All are MULTI SPIRAL, designed to stay on !!!!
  • SC # 11 / 25.4mm Turkey
  • SC # 12 / 32mm Turkey Stags and Large Geese
  • SC11 - Orange, Yellow,Green, Lt Blue, Dk Blue,Pink. Black, Grey , Brown and a few Purple.
  • SC12  - Red, Purple, Pink, Grey, White, Black and Brown and a few Orange. As stock levels vary, we  will try to oblige , if unavailable we will contact you with the available list.
  • click here for more info on spiral coil rings


Spiral Double Coil Rings


Doulble Spiral Rings 18mm

Postage included

Cable ties

Packs of 100 x 2.5mm thick

Large size ezy Lok with NUMBER SPECIAL

Ezy Lok with Numbers 10 pack

Rubber rings

More info to come

Flexi Rings up to 16mm

per 10 price  one colour

Flexi Rings up to 23mm

  • per 10 price one colour
  • Adjustable for an easy fit