Canary Rings

Split Plastic Rings Numbered

12 or 24 Numbered rings

Random colours sent and random start number


Split Plastic QTY SP3 rods

Choose your pack  Mixed colours supplied



Price per pack un-numbered.... random colours will be supplied



Split Aluminium Rings for Canaries

  • Split rings for use on older birds pack of 10

Aluminium Clip Rings 3.0mm - Large FINCH 100 pack

  • Numbered 1 - 20 in 5 colours
  • 8 colours available
  • Split 
  • 100 rings - random colours supplied
  • Please note these rings are numbered 1-20. The numbering is light and has no infill which might make them difficult to read.
  • The anodised aluminium is very light guage, and in some cases is very slightly patchy in appearance.
  • 20 pack also available