Canary Rings

cl 2017

2017 BLUE closed RINGS

Dark Blue Rings coded 7 G or 7 J depending on size ordered

all consecutive numbered with random start number

for Birds 5 to 14 days old..... depending on species.

Pricing includes post

  • 10   for $15.00
  • 30   for $35.00
  • 50   for $50.00

All prices include post.... if you go through checkout enter postcode etc .... no postage will be added or simply send us an email  OR Phone 02 6672 6420


Split Plastic QTY SP3 rods

Choose your pack
  • 50 for $27.95
  • 100 for $43.95
  • 200 for $82.00
  • including 1 tool per oredr and postage included


Price per pack un-numbered.... Choice of colours will be supplied PRICE INCLUDES FREIGHT




    • Tool extra $1
      • Very useful for identifying age, family, culls etc.


    Split Aluminium Rings for Canaries

    • Split rings for use on older birds pack of 10
    • Sizes
    • G is small fine breed canaries 
    • J is most often used size
    • These rings are all pre numbered and have our coding on them
    • Plastic tool to close is $20



    Split Plastic Rings Numbered

    12 or 24 Numbered rings

    Random colours sent and random start number



    Aluminium Clip Rings 3.0mm - Large FINCH 100 pack

    • Numbered 1 - 20 in 5 colours
    • 8 colours available
    • Split 
    • 100 rings - random colours supplied
    • Please note these rings are numbered 1-20. The numbering is light and has no infill which might make them difficult to read.
    • The anodised aluminium is very light guage, and in some cases is very slightly patchy in appearance.
    • 20 pack also available

    Please note : these rings are very lightly numbered you can run over the numbers with liquid paper or the like and the numbers will become clearer.

    Suitable for canary and large finch, pairs or family identification, single use and an alternative to split plastic rings.